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Here, we proudly present a selection of our successfully completed projects, which have been developed from the expertise of our two German companies. With the combined competence of EKS-Schwarzenberg and IDH-Glauchau, the new company M&E Services USA offers a comprehensive range of services. We rely on innovation, precision, and quality to develop tailored solutions for our customers. Our reference projects showcase the diversity and quality of our work across various industries. Dive in and discover how our expertise has contributed to enhancing the productivity and success of our customers.

We take pride in our collaboration with renowned companies and in earning their trust to deliver innovative solutions and outstanding outcomes. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and proven methods, we set industry standards and create value for our customers.

M&E Services USA has developed, among other things, a specialized line for transferring bodies and underbodies from/to transport containers or transport skids. This line is capable of handling two types of underbodies and two types of car bodies on a single line, highlighting its versatility and efficiency.

Our reference projects in Automation & Production Technology demonstrate our ability to develop and implement innovative solutions. One example is our 3D vision system, which enables automatic position tolerance compensation of the gripper. This increases the precision and efficiency of the system.

Another outstanding feature of our systems is the cooperation of two robots in a team (joint handling). This enables a higher production speed and improves the overall efficiency of the plant. In addition, the size of the safety zone depends on the speed of the line, which ensures optimal safety at all operating speeds.

M&E Services USA successfully implemented these projects.

For Hirschvogel Aluminium AG, we linked forging plants for handling 600°C hot aluminium parts with a cycle time of 1.5 seconds. With a project volume of approximately 2 million euros, we have demonstrated our ability to successfully implement demanding and highly specialized projects.

VW Wolfsburg, Germany

M&E Services USA successfully implemented an automation system for the ZSB of the tailgate for the ID3 at the VW plant in Wolfsburg. With a project volume of over 5 million euros, we have demonstrated our ability to efficiently and successfully implement highly complex automation projects.

BMW Leipzig, Germany

At the BMW plant in Leipzig, we built an AGV lifting system to link two production halls. With a project volume of over 2 million euros, we have shown that we are capable of delivering efficient solutions to improve production processes.

Porsche Leipzig, Germany

At the Porsche plant in Leipzig, we were responsible for the new construction of a conveyor top structure. With a project volume of approximately 2 million euros, we have demonstrated our expertise in planning and executing construction projects in the automotive industry.


VW Emden, Germany

We successfully completed a significant project at the VW plant in Emden, specializing in the mechanical installation and integration of bodywork systems. With a project volume of over 6 million euros, we showcased our efficient project management capabilities.

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